Multifunctional Smart watch——The second generation of non-invasive blood glucose measuring instrument

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Pay attention to your health

The smart watch is a must-have for your health. It is equipped with heart health monitoring, and green light sensors for further improved performance, and can help warn of health risks, and self-help management of heart health. It also offers women intimate services with periodic reminders and pregnancy plans. Plus, it supports a body thermometer to take the temperature with one button.Most importantly, it can non-invasive measure blood sugar, allowing you to detect blood glucose data anytime, anywhere.

High definition large screen

Our Smart watch is equipped with a 1.32-inch full touch high-definition large screen, with a resolution of 360 * 360 and rich and delicate colors. The visuals are realistic and vivid, and the content can be seen at a glance whether in strong light or darkness, with details visible and the operation is simpler.


Powerful intelligent functions

The smart watch is a great choice for those who want to free up their hands. It has Bluetooth function, you can make calls with it. It also has AI voice intelligence, you can easily complete daily needs through its voice assistant. Moreover, it can control the shutter of your phone to take pictures, solving the embarrassing situation of taking pictures timed. When you are running, you can listen to music with it. After the watch is linked to your cell phone, it can push your social information, so you will not miss any important trip information.


Multiple languages

Multi-language switchable, so that use is not bound by language boundaries, supports 24 national languages.

50+Sport Modes

Smart watches, with more than 50 pre-set daily exercise modes, can provide continuous attention to your health. Professional data analysis will help you better understand your situation and give you more guidance.


A smart watch, with its lightweight body, is more comfortable to wear. After more than 50 processes of selection, we choose lightweight material to make sure it won't be a burden to your wrist.

Long-lasting battery life

Smart watch, with long-lasting battery life, magnetic charging, and fast charging, can be fully charged in 2 hours with 240 hours standby. Using top chips to control power consumption to the extreme, is faster and lower power consumption.


App operating system: IOS 9.0 or above, Android 4.4 or above

Battery capacity: 300mAh

Packaging box size: 150 * 90 * 19mm

Charging method: magnetic suction charging wire

Band Color: black, gold